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Principal’s Message - 

This is a concept shared by Simon Sinek in his 2009 book, ‘Start With Why’. The fundamental concept is that successful organisations focus on why they do what they do rather than solely on what they do. Consequently, their rationale gives direction and purpose. It becomes a core belief of the organisation.  People don’t literally buy what organisations do, they buy why they do it.  For example, ‘Apple’ aim to think differently in producing smarter, easy to use products that appeal to consumers. 

Similarly, at RGS we don’t just deliver a curriculum because it’s what schools are required to do. We deliver a deeper applied learning curriculum because we believe that learning should be relevant to the real world and our girls should be able to transfer their knowledge and skills to different contexts if it is to be of any relevance to them.  We also believe that that our GCSE students should have the time to study those courses in depth to secure learning and alleviate exam pressure.  These are reasons why I have shared with you previously our rationale for delivering our GCSE programme over three years.  Significantly, your responses to our surveys show that you unanimously agree. 

Why am I sharing these thoughts with you? 

Firstly, you might find the two related articles a very interesting read and become enlightened about current developments across the educational landscape. 

Ofsted’s perspective

A Headteacher’s experience

Secondly, I want to give you advance notice that on FRIDAY 7TH FEBRUARY 2020, we will be holding an EXTRA INSET DAY.  On this day, staff from our sister school within Baylis Court Trust, Baylis Court School, will come to RGS to work together on reviewing the impact of each school’s curriculum. It will be the first time that this has happened and will allow each subject to work directly with their counterparts to critique each other’s curriculum development thus far.  To date, we have received many compliments for our curriculum development because of how unique it is.  We want to keep making it better and external reviews are the best way to do that. 

Significantly, YEAR 11 WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE IN SCHOOL ON THIS DAY because they will be in the middle of their GCSE mock exams series and have exams on that day. 

Jon Gargan