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Principal’s Message - A CHANGE is as good as a REST… if you CHALLENGE yourself in a DIFFERENT way…

​​​​​Some parents have been asking if it was possible to provide extra work for the girls to complete over the holidays. I would rather not because the next few months of online learning will be taxing enough for them and I do not want them to peak too early.

The girls have been working very hard over the last two weeks so its time for a change. Therefore, let me introduce you to lots of different challenges that the girls, and you as a family, could complete over the Easter holiday period.  


We have kindly received an email from ETON COLLEGE offering us access to SCHOOL CLOSURE COURSES.  Follow the link below to their Tweet.  The ‘school closure courses’ are free and are certainly worth looking at.  In addition, if parents wish, you will find other courses that charge a fee. 


We have also received a list of free online courses from READING LOCAL AUTHORITY that cater for a wide range of interests at different levels.  Click on the links below to access these courses.  There will be something there for every girl and family member. 

I would suggest that the girls could to 3 – 5 courses over the Easter period. Let them find the ones that interest them.


I have also included a list of QUIZZES that the girls and indeed, you as a family, could do.

Specific Career Quizzes

Explore University Degree Courses…

Regardless of their age, our girls may want to take this opportunity to identify degree courses that interest them.

Have a peaceful and safe Easter break. 

Jon Gargan