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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School


"Thanks very much for the opportunity of working with your Year eights and nines. We were really impressed by the level of awareness and knowledge there was around climate change, as well as some very creative thinking about action in future and great engagement throughout the time we were with the group – a credit to the school."

Richard Usher



"Urooj and her friend were nothing short of exemplary in their contribution to last night’s Aspire2 AGM

They not  only explained the nature of the Pledge but also how it could be mutually advantageous to pupils of Reading Girls  and the work of Aspire2 and consequently young and old across Whitley 

They also contributed in a mature confident and thoughtful way to the meeting in general "

Charlie Clare 



"My friend and I came to visit your school this morning with our daughters and whilst we were all very impressed with the school I wanted to email you about the two yr 8 girls showing us around. 

Pearl and Katie did a really great job but Pearl then asked to be excused as she needed to get back to her class (cooking) which just shows her dedication to her education and how enjoyable the classes are. 

Katie made the biggest impression for me. She really wanted to abscond also as they were making a dish she was looking forward to but instead she chose to show us around (self sacrifice) 

She explained in detail about each classroom and the teachers all of whom she said were lovely and approachable. 

She went on to explain that her favourite lessons were dance, gymnastics and PE in general. 

She also explained to us about a typical day at Reading Girls' and how when she first began she was scared but that soon went away and has made lots of friends. 

She also mentioned she is part of the anti-bullying campaign and that since she began last September she has not seen or heard of any bullying. 

I just wanted to bring this to your attention as I have been to see other schools but these girls truly showed me what being a Reading Girls' pupil meant to them and I hope that next September my daughter will be part of the RGS family. "

Prospective Parent



"I wanted to extend my thanks for your patient and professional help towards our daughter. She told both my husband Jason and I about how you have been patient with her and helpful.
She has always struggled with Maths but her last teachers were not patient so we appreciate your efforts."

Mrs Powell

Parent (Yr8)

"I had a great time sharing knowledge with yourself and your year 10 group. I was inspired by the interest and passion of your students as well as the quality of follow up questions at the end of my presentation to them. 

I certainly would recommend that you continue to share and gain knowledge through experts by experience such as myself to continue to engage our future leaders. "


Feed Safely


"Thank you so much for organising our outreach session at Reading Girls’.  Our undergrads certainly went home on a high- they really enjoyed the opportunity to work with your students. Fingers crossed that in the future they will remember the adrenaline high that most of them so obviously experienced and that teaching will be their career of choice.

Please say a big ‘thank you’ to all the teachers who worked with us.  We were made to feel very welcome and really enjoyed our morning with you."

Janet Stem Education Module

Reading University


"I was impressed with how engaged your students were in the activity. Most of the students told me they had never used soldering irons before and considering the quality of the moisture detectors they produced as part of the project, you never would have known.

It is also quite rare for students to give up their lunch break to continue working!"

Ashley Rowley

Education Officer, The Smallpeice Trust