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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Pastoral Leaders

Reading Girls’ School (RGS) is completely committed to providing the highest level of pastoral care, welfare and guidance for every student. The primary aim is to offer a stable environment with a sense of security and belonging from which they can:

  • Develop their social, intellectual, physical and practical skills
  • Participate in community life
  • Become aware of the needs and feelings of others around them
  • Be prepared for their life when they leave school.  

Students join us in Year 7 aged 11-12 and leave us in Year 11 aged 15-16. Each Year group has a Pastoral Leader whose primary focus is to make sure every student fulfils their potential by supporting their attendance , behaviour  and academic progress. We have a comprehensive Safeguarding system and Anti-Bullying Policy in place.            

To further enrich and extend students development and wellbeing, we run a House system that focuses on developing our strong sense of community, encourages healthy competition and promotes team spirit. Both students and staff are assigned to one of the five Houses; Austin, Brontë, Curie, Roddick and Seacole. The House names represent women who have had an long lasting, inspirational impact on society. The House badges were designed by the students themselves.

Pastoral Leader Contact: Debbie Hargrave by email