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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Business Studies

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." Conrad Hilton (Hilton International Group)

Head of Department: Mr S Price

This qualification is designed for students who want an introduction to business and enterprise that includes a vocational and hands-on element. It has been developed to enthuse and inspire learners about a career in business and enterprise. The qualification will appeal to students who wish to either set up their own business, move into employment or progress onto further study.

Spiritual development within Business Studies involves students being encouraged to explore sexism, racism and discrimination in the workplace through the discussion of employment laws. Students are encouraged to express their own opinion and explore different examples. Students also explore their own feelings and meaning and reflect upon topics such as ethics. Students are encouraged to explore these concepts and challenge the actions that businesses should take. This also helps to develop student’s empathy and compassion skills and allows them to take into consideration other people aims, values, principles and beliefs.

Moral development within Business Studies involves students being required to evaluate, comment upon and discuss various moral issues relating to business practices. They will do this through the use of observations, gathering of information and studying given case studies to support this. Students are given the opportunity to consider a variety of information relating to real life business scenarios in order to make valid judgements. Students also draw upon their own knowledge to distinguish between what is right and wrong. As part of GCSE Business Studies, students have many opportunities to express their views on ethical issues.

Social development within Business Studies involves students being encouraged to develop their team working skills through collaborative work and research. The students also explore the concept of teams and the roles that individuals have to play and how this can impact a business.  Students often work collaboratively to understand new concepts and share information researched, thus giving the students responsibility over their work.

Cultural development within Business Studies involves students being given the chance to see how the functions of a business operate. Students look at the changes within society and how they may impact on businesses.  Students also have the opportunity to look at how organisations work by visiting businesses. Students benefit from visits to school by business people, to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Subject content KS4

Unit number and title



Unit 01

Introduction to business and enterprise


Internally assessed portfolio of evidence

Unit 02

Marketing for business and enterprise


Externally assessed assignment

Unit 03

Finance for business and enterprise


Internally assessed portfolio of evidence

Unit 04

Plan, develop and participate in a business or enterprise project


Internally assessed portfolio of evidence

Exam board KS4

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Business and Enterprise

Typical lesson activities

●     Group work and presentations to include individual research and the use of outside speakers and agencies

●     Coming up with enterprising ideas for starting a business

●     Planning and running a startup enterprise

●     Work experience in Year 11 enables all students to explore many aspects of the business environment, and is reflected upon afterwards.

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