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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School


"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton


Introduction to the course

At key stage 3, we follow the English National Curriculum. Lessons are varied and encompass lots of new and exciting techniques. As well as drawing and painting, the girls will learn to use print, sculpture, textiles and graphics work.


At key stage 4, we now offer Btec Art and Design. The course is a combination of practical experience and written assignments, and will provide the pupil with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for a career in the sector


Btec Art and Design

Introduction to the course

Btec Art and Design is an exciting, stimulating and enjoyable two-year course that will provide plenty of opportunity to develop creative skills and abilities in a wide range of materials, techniques and processes. Btec is very much a hands-on course. Lessons are varied, challenging and fun.


The first unit is an introductory unit, which will provide the opportunity to respond creatively to the theme of ‘The Natural World’.  Through this unit, pupils will be introduced to the various paths of work linked to the arts. Students will collect visual information and ideas through the use of a sketchbook, exploring new and exciting techniques and researching the work of artists, craftspeople and designers. This research will inform a number of final pieces which include a fashion design illustration, making a piece of jewellery and a piece of artwork. The teachers are there to support and help students achieve their true creative potential. 


Typical lesson activities

The wide variety of lesson activities include discussion, gallery visits, practical work, group work, large scale projects and individual project based work. ICT is used to produce written and visual work. Digital cameras and scanners are used. The Internet is also used for research.


The Btec Art and Design course lends itself to a wide range of Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social studies. Students will analyse, engage with and question their own and others work, identify how beliefs, values and meanings are expressed and shared. Students are encouraged to express themselves through their Art, which is supported by strong research into the wider world around them. The department undertakes a number of extra-curricular activities that enhance the students’ experience of Art and Design and its context in the world.


Spiritual Development in Art

The Art and design course is dependent on the students’ ability to inquire and communicate their ideas, meanings and feelings. Students will investigate visual, tactile and other sensory qualities of their own and others work. We encourage independent thinking that will enable students to develop their ideas and intentions and express these in an appropriate manner.