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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Beat the Street

All Y7's and Y8's have been invited to participate in 'Beat the Street'

Beat the Street – The Global Walking Challenge

Reading Girls' School was selected as one of three schools in Reading to compete against schools in London and Vancouver. The competition will run for four weeks, starting on October 1 2012

Beat the Street (BTS) is a promotional event format that aims to encourage children to walk to and from school and ultimately aims to increase their participation in physical activity. It uses a multi-week, Global Challenge between schools in 3 cities to achieve that goal.  This phase of the project builds on a pilot project involving a challenge between New York and London schools which ran in October 2011.

Intelligent Health has been commissioned to run the project, using funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation to deliver Global Schools Walking Challenge called ‘Beat the Street’.

The competition operates at five levels; individual, class, school, city and international. The principal promotion is the social interaction of children, between peers in their own school and also International students in participating schools. This is enhanced by the inherent attractions of walking (social and mental aspects, being outdoors) and, more prosaically, encouragement and communications about the benefits of walking and physical activity by project and school staff.

Click on the 'parents' tab above to find links to the BTS web site and maps. Applications are now closed and the girls have been issued with their swipe cards which cannot be replaced if lost.

This year’s competition

BTS 2012 will run in October/November 2012. The competition will be run as a league, so it is not essential for the schools to participate simultaneously.  

It will involve:

1. Six schools in London

2. Two schools in Vancouver

3. Three schools in Reading

The competition will involve students from Years 7 & 8 only (London & Reading) Grades 6-8 (Vancouver), meaning that participating students should range between 11-13years. The objective is to continue to roll the competition out to other cities around the globe in future years.

How does it work?

1. Beat the Street records walking distances using electronic touch points that are placed both at the school and at various points along the walking routes.

2. Children touch their swipe card at a touch point receiver to register the start and end of their walk.

3. The receivers are networked so that children can follow the competition; they can monitor their own record and that of other schools, available live at:

4. At the end of the event, the receivers are removed.

How the schools and children will benefit

  • the additional walking contributes to the children's physical activity requirements and helps raise awareness of healthy lifestyles
  • the project can help with reducing congestion on public transport on key school routes
  • the competition promotes better social cohesion
  • the walking contributes to the children’s social and mental well-being
  • the project promotes safer routes to school
  • the winning school receives a reward in the form of a cash donation to the school e.g. IT or library funds
  • the children's efforts are matched with a cash donation to a charity of the school's choice, Reading Girls' have asked for the donation to be made to Berkshire Womens Aid
  • the competition promotes cultural interaction with children in other countries.