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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Sports Day

The track events had to be postponed in July when the track was waterlogged.

Sports day was originally scheduled for July, however due to the unseasonably wet weather; the track was waterlogged on the day so track events had to be cancelled.  As the Autumn weather was being a little kinder, it was decided to run the track events on Thursday 13 09 12.

The afternoon started with an opening ceremony complete with an Olympic flame (not quite on the scale of the Danny Boyle extravaganza) and then they were off and running! There were a series of races, all winners gaining house points. In addition to the normal sprints and relays, there was a Paralympic Blind Sprint, where participants (staff and students) paired up, one was blindfolded and guided to the finish line by the other; and a staff and student relay race. For the first time ever the staff beat the students, thanks to the efforts of Maths dynamo, Mr Fyffe.

The final event of the day was the Under/Over House Race, which involved EVERY student representing their house. The whole student body lined up in house order; the starters passed the house ball over their head to the person behind, who then passed it through her legs to the next! When the ball got to the end of the line, the final recipient then had to sprint back to the finish to be declared the winner! When the points were tallied at the end of all the races, the winning house was Curie, who also won the under and over race by a good margin! Curie won the house shield in 2011-2012 so the other houses, Austen; Bronte; Roddick; and Seacole need to up their game!

Abbi Turley from the Chronicle was there to photograph some of the event and we were featured in the Reading Chronicle on Thursday 20 September. To see more of the photos she took go to The in-house photos are available in: Parents; School Gallery; Sports day 2012