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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

WEC trip to Houses of Parliament

Some of our students were invited to visit the Houses of Parliament in June. A small selection of photos are in: Parents; School Gallery; Houses of Parliament.

On the 12 of June, Precious, Shamim and I visited the Houses of Parliament, as we are part of WEC Council.

We visited the Houses of Parliament, with fellow students from other schools such as JMA, New Christchurch and George Palmer.  We looked at the beautiful building, adoring every corner.  We walked through Westminster Hall and we looked at the brass plaques set into the floor, containing information about many great events and the names of many honourable people, such as the famous prime minister Winston Churchill.

We walked through St. Stephen’s Hall.  Every step I took, I felt as if I was in the shoes of a princess, skipping through the long hallways, staring at the beautiful sculptures.  The stained glass window told a story through the artistic pieces.

When we reached the central lobby, it felt as if we had stepped into a grand ballroom.  The chandelier had an exquisite, royal effect.  The ceiling had grand floral patterns.  We saw small statues, bordered around the windows.

We visited the House of Lords and learned about what happens there.  We learned that the Lords spend their time checking and challenging the government to think harder about its legislations.  We looked at the beautiful décor and interior.  It was adorned with red leather seats and a beautiful blue carpet.  We saw the golden throne and the glistening beauty.

We saw the not-so-grand House of Commons, which did actually look quite nice.  The House of Commons was not so grand or beautiful, since the queen wasn’t going to have any presence there.  We learned that this was the place where new laws or ideas were debated. 

Lastly we met our local MP who told us about what his job was.  We asked many questions while we were chomping on our lunch, full of interest and curiosity about the many various types of e mails a MP received.

All of us enjoyed the whole day and I could strongly say that none of us really wanted the day to end.  I was really grateful that Miss Edwards had given me this opportunity and I thank Sheila Tibbenham of WEC for organising a fun-filled, historic, educational trip.

By Maryum Khan