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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Science Museum

Year 7 girls from Kendrick School joined us for the Science Museum’s visit to RGS.

Shana and Richard from the Science Museum vented their anger and frustrations on Barbie who was rocketed skyhigh from a bottle full of Coca-Cola into which a Mentos had been dropped. You could see that she wasn’t very happy, you could say that she was foaming with anger. Jeff the Jelly Baby suffered even more indignity at their hands as he was turned into a liquid. Unfortunately, Barbie was also subjected to being placed in a Van der Graaf generator where her skills were used to demonstrate how differences in charge can lead to lightning. Students were educated in what to do (lightning position) and where to go during a lightning storm.
Some parents might have been a little disturbed by the language that pervaded the air as Sharna graphically detailed the voyage of corn, bread and hotdogs along the various parts of the digestive system. Ask them about it, but choose a time other than breakfast/lunch or tea-time, please!
The Science Department is closely guarding our supply of Ping-Pong balls just in case any of our keen scientists decide to copy Richard’s demonstration of how particles behave in solids, liquids and gases. Teachers at Reading Girls’ School will do anything to enhance the learning of their girls, as Mr Nicholls showed when he placed what is usually worn on a baby (need I say more) on his head. One of the students poured a yellowish liquid onto the device (with quite a lot of fervour). Fortunately Mr Nicholls stayed dry and his fashionable hairstyle remained in place - phew! This was an early introduction to long, repeating chains of molecules called polymers.
The team from the Science Museum brought enthusiasm, humour and drama as well as a keen desire to share their knowledge of Science to Reading Girls’ school. They linked well some of the topics that will be taught in Key Stage 3 and have given the girls a good head start. In the Science Department, we are sure that they have conveyed to the students that science is fun!