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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Year 5 Taster Days

Recently, Y5 girls from Whitley Park and Geoffrey Field  schools, spent a day at Reading Girls' School to get a little taste of Secondary School 

The theme for the Taster Days was "Stars and Rainbows" First stop was the science department, where with the assistance of our Y10 Science Ambassadors, the girls created "stars" by creating oxygen and then burning magnesium, and "rainbows" in test tubes by mixing chemicals. There were some super results. It was a lively lesson and a great experience to work in a science lab with goggles, aprons, and bunsen burners!

taster day 1 science 2

 science 3 science 4

Lesson two was spent in the Food Technology Department. The girls were invited to decorate biscuits, again with a stars and rainbows theme. The yummy results didn't last long! We did persuade them to leave one each so that they had something to take home at the end of the day.

food 1 food 2

 food 3 food 4 

Business and Enterprise was the next stop for our young guests. Teams of girls had to create a design for a mobile, then after discussion, choose a "team" design to be created in the final lesson of the day (Art) Once they had chosen their design they had to present their ideas to the rest of the group.

B & E 1 B & E 2

 B & E 3 B & E 4

After a packed lunch in the canteen, the Designs created in Business and Enterprise were developed into working mobiles, with many very beautiful results. Each girl managed to create something special to take home with her.

art 1 art 2

 art 3 art 4

Mrs Angus then invited the girls to an assembly, and asked them to tell her about their day with us, and how it was different from Primary School. We hope many of them will visit us again on Monday 3 October, for our Y6 open day. More photos are available in: Parents; School Gallery.

assembly 1 assembly 2