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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

A Visit from Little Kingdom Nursery

A number of small visitors, were invited in to the main school today (23 May 2011)

Y7's have been working very hard on puppet shows based on traditional fairy tales. It was agreed that it would be fun to present the shows to an age appropriate group! Luckily Little Kingdom Day Nursery is located in the Post 16 building, and a number of the children and their carers were invited to attend a show. It was very exciting for all involved. The Y7's waited quietly in the Drama studio while Mrs Eddy and her puppet friend led the way throught the school to the show. The little ones took their seats and Y7's took it in turns to act out stories based on familiar fairy tales with a twist! More photos of the procedings are in : Parents; School Gallery; Y7 Puppet Show

 puppet show 1


puppet show 2