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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Boycode visit Reading Girls' School 

Students in KS3 had a very exciting visit from a Boyband called Boycode!

Mattias, Lennert, Gregory and Timmy are very talented singers, very energetic and have great personalities.  Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 attended performances and the girls loved them.  The students are normally told to be quiet and well-behaved in school, so it took them a few minutes to realise that they were allowed to relax and enjoy themselves, but once they did they really got into it and were dancing, singing and jumping along with the band.  

As well as performing some songs, the band had an important message about to deliver about staying safe on line.  The message was well delivered and will have more impact to the students coming from young people, rather than parents and teachers. 

Some of the older students follow the band and were disappointed to not see them.  However, staff got merchandise and autographs for some particular students who couldn't attend.

The staff supervising the event enjoyed the performance as well.  We were all dancing along too, and the office staff, IT Technicians and kitchen staff stopped by to join in as well!

We wish Boycode all the best for the future - we are sure the world will be seeing them a lot more! See more photos here.