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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Parliament and the Imperial War Museum

Citizenship GCSE students had a very informative day out in our Capital city

It was an early start for 35 staff and pupils on Wednesday 13th January as we set off for the Houses of Parliament and the Imperial War Museum. It was an impressive journey along the embankment of the river Thames before arriving at parliament, pupils were able to take in all the sights London has to offer. Upon arrival pupils quickly passed through security and were soon enjoying their tour of Parliament. Pupils were certainly impressed by the size and grandeur of Parliament as well interested in it's history as well as how it works today. 

Due to our early start we had the opportunity to walk along Whitehall and visit Trafalgar square, seeing a number of important government buildings and tasting the local delicacies.

The Imperial War Museum gave pupils an opportunity to reflect up past and current conflicts identifying how this has affected the identify of individuals, countries and the world. 

All pupils and staff had a great day and look forward to our trip to EU House and the Royal Courts of Justice after half term.