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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Bridge to Schools

8G and 8U Science classes recently took part in a Bridge to Schools activity with volunteers from Peter Brett Associates.  

The volunteers talked with the students about what civil engineering is and the projects they have been involved in, including the Reading Station redevelopment.  Then the students were told about the activity which was provided through the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). Using simple construction techniques, the students built a 15 metre long, model cable-stayed bridge (based on the Second Severn Crossing) made of plywood and aluminium.  The students all had jobs allocated to them and were given safety helmets, high-vis jackets, and protective gloves.  As well as learning about Health and Safety, they also developed team building skills and confidence. Once the bridge was built, the students were able to walk across it. As it was a suspension bridge and built to be flexible, it swayed slightly as the students walked over which caused a lot of squealing and laughter!  8G gave a big cheer when their teacher, Mr Obosi walked across!

We hope this taster will encourage the girls to  consider civil engineering as a career, and thank the ICE and Peter Brett Associates for their time and support.

Mr Obosi

There are a large number of photos here