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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Big Bang at Houses of Parliament

Our DocSoc team were invited to show their idea to members of parliament and industry specialists on November 5th at the Houses of Parliament.

Four year 11 students from Reading Girls’ School (Sidra, Ofuase, Yashica and me, Jenny) had the honor of representing their team with their prize winning idea in front of MPs and people of industry in the Houses of Parliament on 5th November. As a part of Engineers Week, the girls had been invited (as well as a few other schools) to explain their idea to members of the scientific and business community, and to their delight,  they received incredible feedback from them.

Their idea, DocSoc, is designed to perform independent testing for sensory neuropathy, a condition in which the loss of sensitivity occurs in one's limbs, in particular their legs and thus their feet. It consists of a sock that vibrates at different parts of the foot as a method of checking for sensitivity and an app which then then quizzes the user on where and if it felt the gentle vibrations, sending the results to the user's GP.

DocSoc was praised for being a “viable solution to a real life problem” with the teams realistic scientific foundations for the idea. The girls were even encouraged to pursue with the idea by contacting organisations and companies that may be interested. It seems as if there are high hopes for the DocSoc team!