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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Satro Siemens Winners again!

Once again, a team from Reading Girls' triumphed in this prestigious event!

A group of students from Reading Girls’ School have won the competition to create the ‘Next Big Thing’ for Siemens Healthcare.  

Organised by SATRO, the competition gave students a variety of healthcare problems to consider, including improving healthcare for the elderly, in remote areas of the world, and helping with natural disasters.  Working with their science teacher and a mentor from Siemens, the group brainstormed ideas and researched topics before deciding on the final idea to enter.  

‘Docsoc’ is aimed at helping those with diabetes.  A side effect is loss of feeling in the feet which can cause damage and even, in severe cases, amputation.  ‘Docsoc’ improved the testing of sensation in feet and communication with health staff and carers.  

In the final, they were up against strong competition from other schools, including three independent schools.  When they were announced as the winners, they were praised for having a realistic product, good research, and teamwork and passion.  They were awarded with a beautiful trophy, which will be displayed in the school foyer, and won a Kindle each.

Mr Tuggey said: "I am very proud of the girls' hard work and commitment, and the way the managed to integrate different scientific areas into a creative and innovative design."

Thank you to SATRO and Siemens for organising the competition, and well done to the team!

Mrs Thomson Careers and Employability coordinator