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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

RSSL Food tasting trip

Some of our year 8 students visited the University of Reading to find out about food trials.

8G became food scientists for the day, as they walked around the labs of Reading Scientific Services LTD trying to find out why the new Cadburys Cherry chocolate had gone wrong. 

They found out how biology, chemistry, physics and even mathematics played fundamental roles in making the perfect chocolate bar! 
After intense analysis in the microbiology lab to see what different micro-organisms could do to taste and safety they then ventured into the texture analysis lab, looking at the force it takes to bite a bar and learning why chocolate is made differently in different countries.
The girls were then  shown the secret to perfect tempering to avoid bubbles and blooms before finally becoming consumer scientists and having a taste themselves! Only our top tasters could spot the Irish Cadbury from the UK Cadbury! Who would have ever thought so much science went into chocolate. 
There are more photos here