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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School


The whole school had special activities to participate in as normal timetables were suspended.

As part of the PSCHEE Day, the school has marked Safer Internet Day with a variety of activities.

All year groups have had an assembly on internet safety and staying safe on-line.  For the younger year groups this focussed on cyberbullying, while for Years 10 and 11 the focus was how your use of social media can affect your future.  The students have also had internet safety activities in their tutor groups.

If parents want to look into these aspects for themselves, the following websites are very useful:

CEOP (National Crime Agency):

Safer Internet Centre:

BBC - Webwise:


Year 7 Careers Lab

It may seem early to be thinking about careers, but Year 7 today took part in a Careers Lab activity with volunteers from Thames Water and National Grid.  

The main objective of the session was to understand the skills and qualities needed for different roles.  Students thought about the skills and qualities they already have and how they can be developed for the future.  

Students looked at the huge range of occupations, jobs and careers, and saw how their interests and hobbies can help their choices as if you pick a career you love it doesn’t seem like work.  

The final session was thinking about the students’ role models, whether someone they know personally or someone they have seen on television or in public life.  The students considered the skills and qualities the role model has that they would like to emulate.  Like working towards qualifications, personal development is an ongoing process and everyone needs to challenge themselves to be their personal best.

Thank you to National Grid and Thames Water for their time, help and generosity in providing resources and volunteers.  

There are a small number of photos here.