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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Bloodhound SSC

Kendrick school invited 24 of our year 8's to join them at this prestigious event, held at John Madejski Academy.

Kendrick School recently extened an invitation to 24 of our Year 8 students, to join their Year 8’s in attending the prestigious Bloodhound Workshop Tour.

 You may well be following the development of this project, but for reference, here is some background information:

 ‘BLOODHOUND SSC is a unique, high-technology project to design and build a car that will break the 1,000mph barrier and set a new world land speed record. Designed and constructed in the UK, BLOODHOUND SSC includes components and sponsorship from international companies and will make its record attempt in South Africa.’ (

The feedback from the students was very positive and the aims of broadening the students’ views into engineering/design career paths were certainly fulfilled.

The Bloodhound education team were enthusiastic and engaging and really enjoyed the students’ high-level of engagement and academic rigor! The 3 workshops were varied and interactive which the students liked. The K’Nex car racing was possibly the highlight, not least because there was a desirable prize offered to the winning team! The prize: the names of the students to be placed on the fin of the Bloodhound car- so maybe these will be the fastest names Kendrick will have ever produced!

Well done to the  students, who achieved this honour: Mya; Maddie; Sophie; Fran and Emma from Kendrick and Kaya; Diamond; Sammar; Samantha and Alizaya from Reading Girls’.

Science set’s 9G, 9U, and 9I also attended the same event on the following day. A number of photographs from both days are available here