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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Science Museum Presentation

Year 7 and 8 had a very entertaining presentation by staff from the Science Museum in London

The Year Sevens and Eights enjoyed the dramatic and electrifying ‘Danger, High Voltage’ show, performed by The Science Museum. The girls travelled back in time to meet the founding fathers of electricity, and watched demos re-enacting the discoveries which eventually made electricity a possibility in every home.

They started off learning about the dangers of Lightning, and learnt the safety measures they should take should they be caught out in a lightning storm. Then they watched with awe as a Van der Graff shot indoor lightning bolts, and magically levitated throwing metal plates across the stage. The girls were impressed, but not as much as Barbie, whose hairs stood on end when she was placed on the Van der Graff.

The show ended in a dramatic demonstration of bravery as a tesla coil was revealed, with one student bravely standing close enough to power neon tube lights. Their equally brave and noble science teacher placed her life on the line, by setting a torch alight with a bolt of electricity!

The Museum team stayed for a hands-on, interactive two hour workshop for some of year Seven. In the workshop, the girls where shown exciting classrooms demos which they recreated and presented to each other. Some of the girls are looking forward to visiting the museum in March, where they will take part in more activities and workshops.

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