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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Enterprise Visit to George Palmer Primary School

As part of Reading Girls' Enterprise brief, a number of Y7 students went back to Primary School to help run a "Money Workshop"

At the end of the Spring term, staff and students from Reading Girls' School visited George Palmer Primary School to run an enterprise event for their Year 5 pupils. 


The day had two aims:  to help the primary school children recognise the importance of money and the need to save, and to increase their ‘enterprise skills’.  


The Introduction covered why money developed, how we use it and what we can do with it.  Our Year 7 students then worked with the primary school children on their main challenge of the day:


In teams they had to design the perfect Money Box thinking about the look, security and access.   They then presented their designs to the other teams.  As well as reinforcing the message of keeping their money safe, they had to use their creativity, teamwork, communication and planning skills. Finally, we looked at what we could use instead of money and how prices change.


The year 7 students involved enjoyed the chance to visit their old school and the Year 5 children seemed to enjoy themselves too.  There were some very inventive and creative ideas!

Here are some photos of the event. Have a look at more photos in the Gallery.

George Palmer Money