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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Rotary Club Competition at REME

This technology event was attended by students from years 8 and 10, for more pictures click here

Rotary Technology Challenge

A team of Year 8 students and a team of Year 10 students recently took part in a Technology Challenge run by the Rotary Clubs of Loddon Vale and Maiden Erlegh.  This took place at the REME Museum at Arborfield, and there were teams of various age groups from Bulmershe, Forest, Waingells and Piggott schools.  

The teams were given dowling, string, board and some other bits and bobs, a battery-operated motor.  Their challenge was to make a machine to carry a box across a ‘gorge’ on a wire.  The year 10s had to also make the machine unload the box, and the one Year 12 team that took part from the various schools were also given the challenge to make the machine return across the wire.  

The girls worked very hard.  They tried out all sort of ideas and made adjustments to their designs.  As well as their scientific knowledge, they had to use many personal skills - teamwork, creative thinking, and communication, as well as perseverance, patience and resilience!  Their machines nearly worked but failed in the final test (as did many of the machines created by the other teams).

All the students who attended were given certificates for taking part.