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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' win again at SATRO festival

This is the third year in a row that our students have won a prize at a SATRO event

On Thursday 19th of June, a group of girls from year 10 (Sahara Pandit, Neyma Siddiqui, Aneesa Bses, Aisha Al-obaidi and Anupama Acharya) took part in the SATRO Summer Science Festival which was held at the Surrey Sports Park. Here is what one of the students had to say about it:

We had the opportunity to present our product SEMITA for the second time (as we had initially created it for a previous competition held by Siemens) to a number of judges and attendees. Our product, which is a wristband used to track Alzheimer's and Dementia patients in case they wander, was praised for its simplicity and wide target market by the judges and teachers from other schools.

While the judges were conferring, we had time to walk around exhibits from various universities, institutes and companies that centre around STEM subjects. We learned a lot about science and engineering and how it controls many aspects of our lives as well as interesting facts about space and liquid nitrogen.

Towards the end of the festival, the prize giving took place to announce the winners, which was presented by Jon Tickle, the presenter of the TV show "Brainiacs". We were all exhausted from standing and talking about our product at that point and we had little hope of winning, however, when Jon Tickle was announcing " ...the wristbands for people with Dementia..." we couldn't believe that we had won "Best Engineering Project"!  We were very happy that our hard work had paid off and this has taught us to work better as a team and to always be positive. - Aneesa Bses

The girls were received a lovely trophy which is displayed in the foyer, and cash prizes for themselves.