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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

First Aid and BeatBullying Training

Reading Girls' applied for funding to provide training for some of our students.

Students at Reading Girls’ School want to improve their skills and have received training through two exciting projects. 

Members of the school council identified projects and put in a bid for funding through the Whitley Excellence Cluster. They were allocated funding from Reading Borough Council’s Decent Neighbourhood Fund for two projects and training has taken place this week.

One group of students received training from St John Ambulance in First Aid. An accident can occur anywhere and at any time: at home, on the way to or from school, while out with friends ...  The Young First Aider course provides students with essential life-saving skills, giving them the knowledge and confidence to deal with a range of medical emergencies.  This course has proved very popular with students - over double the number of girls have applied compared to the number of places available. We will be running another 2 days of training before the end of the academic year.

St John Ambulance trainer Natasha Bright-Thomas, who ran the course, says: ‘At St John Ambulance we believe all school pupils should learn basic first aid and we’d like to see these skills become part of the national curriculum. Few lessons can be regarded as more important than learning how to save someone’s life.’‘First aid training helps young people understand the value of life and the importance of caring for others. It also builds self-esteem and develops valuable life skills for the future'

A second group of students received training from BeatBullying.  They will become mentors to help other children and young people who are struggling to make friends or who are being bullied.  This help could be provided in person at school, youth groups, club, etc., or online through the BeatBullying website (  The initial training for this will be taking place in school on Thursday and Friday, 27 and 28 March, and they will be having on-going training and support over the next year. 

We thank the Council for the funding and hope the students will use their training to become even better neighbours and friends.