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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Summer Show - The Willows

On Wednesday 10 July, Reading Girls' School presented their Summer Show, "The Willows" to an enthusiastic public.

The inspiration for this play came from an original idea conceived by Mrs Carol-Anne Eddy, which explored the lives of a group of elderly residents in a care home. From this idea came various characters whose backstories developed into interesting narratives, in which we were able to explore themes such as aging, the passing of time and reflection.  The Year 10 Drama students wrote their own character monologues and Miss Barnett worked with them to develop the rest of the script.

This play is dedicated to the memory of Mr Roger C H Copping (1914-2004) whose very own party piece was Tora Chini, Tora Cha; and his wife Mary Bee, whose 1930s nurses’ uniform is being worn by Fanny.

One of the audience members on 10 July works at "The Willows" residential home which is a short walk from the school. She invited the girls to repeat their performance for the residents, and they did so on the following Tuesday. It was a very moving event, and was enjoyed by students and residents alike.