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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Chawton House Visit

7N made this very enjoyable trip to Jane Austens house as they have been studying her work in lessons.

 On Monday 8 July 7N, who had been reading Sense and Sensibility visited the Jane Austen House and Museum in Chawton, Hampshire.  It was the school’s third visit and, as usual, it was both enjoyable and rewarding.

Quotes from students:

We began our trip at the education centre where we discussed Sense and Sensibility which we had been reading in class.  We also discussed Austen’s other books focusing on the main themes.  After our discussion, we watched a video about Jane Austen’s life and her education.  We also learnt more about her family.- Olivia

Jane Austen’s house had a very homely feel to it and it was more modern than I expected it to be apart from the kitchen which was more old fashioned than the rest of the house. There was a bed that had a beautiful hand sewn design on the quilt; I couldn’t believe it was hand sewn because it was so perfect.- Shisam

Lunch in the garden was beautiful; the trees, the flowers and the weather were wonderful. There were some really good souvenirs at the gift shop, quill pens, books about Jane Austen and lots more. I enjoyed it.- Ashmita

We also had a chance of visiting her brother’s mansion, Chawton House.  The library was full of books written by female authors and which were over 200 years old. There were only two pictures of males in the entire house.  The dining room was a spacious room with a giant table and the Great Hall was used for dancing and entertaining. The house was built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and it has wide yet shallow staircases.  Chawton House is in the middle of a picturesque village and it is obvious where Jane Austen got her inspirations from.-Victoria

The dance was repetitive and very simple because the lady explained it extremely well.  We had to dance in partners: one was the lady and the other the gentleman, it really felt as though we had gone there for a ball.- Emily