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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

NSEW Science Theatre

The Science Association funded an event during National Science and Engineering Week

Science Theatre

Year 8 and 9 students were recently treated to a visit by Scott from The Science Theatre, funded by The Science Association, as part of National Science & Engineering Week.

There were some shocking, spellbinding, sense defying displays. Scott started the show with mind-baffling optical illusions. Our brains were thoroughly confused by our eyes.

Students were introduced to infrared light, the same one used on wildlife documentaries to view nocturnal animal activity. It was explained to us that our normal senses cannot detect them. This invisible light was put to use by Scott as he  turned  Coca-Cola into water. Using an  Infrared (IR) camera to view Coca-Cola in a glass,  he made the murky, brown  liquid appear to be  colourless. We could see straight through the bottle to what was behind it. Then, we had a look at what a twenty pound note looked like using IR camera. Why there appeared to be nothing on one side – the Queen had disappeared! Let there be light and there was! There was little resistance when a current (a small one) was passed through some of our year 9 girls. Without plugs or sockets in sight, the girls lit up a lamp by forming their very own large scale electric circuit.

The force was truly with us as Scott showed how to light up a fluorescent strip without it being plugged in, just using a plasma globe.  Any worries about electric  shocks were dispelled,  as the only shock was that such as wonderful show seemed to end too swiftly. Finally, the session was topped off  by a look at the night sky using the  most up-to-date satellite telescopes. We would like to thank Scott from the Science Theatre for a wonderfully, electrifying show.