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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Y8 Enterprise Day-Build your own Factory

"Build your own Factory" Made the news in the Reading Chronicle on Thursday 17 February

"Building Blocks of Revolution" was the Chronicle Headline after they attended our Y8 Enterprise Event.

Youngsters led a revolution on Thursday as they teamed up to build their own factories. The Year 8 students at Reading Girls' School had the hands-on history lesson to launch their industrial revolution unit, and spent the day stepping into the roles of factory owners and town leaders.

The 12 and 13 year olds at the Business and Enterprise School in Northumberland Avenue studied maps from the 19th Century to make decisions about the best type of factoy for the area and its conditions.

The excercise was designed to get the girls thinking about the responsibilities of business, while making decisions about the working conditions for employees, the impact on the environment and profit margins.

History teacher Andy Nichols said: "the girls really enjoy it and seemed to work well together, dividing up the roles. The students did seem more interested in making the most money than improving the conditions for the workers or saving the environment! It looks like they've got all the natural entrepreneurial skills."

There are more photos in the "School Gallery" in the parents area 

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