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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Final House Competition of 2012

The final house competition of 2012, required students to decorate their tutor room doors!

For this end of year contest the rules were: decorate only the inside of the door and all decorations must be removed by the end of day! The results were impressive!

There were some wonderful entries and it was very difficult to choose.  Worthy of particular mention:

7B - lovely words and an excellent background. Mr Nicholls picture on top of the tree - WINNER

7R -Extras in front of the door including a cone of sweets (bribing the judges – very enterprising!) – A Very close SECOND


8A -  A lovely touch of humour with your santa claus

8B - An excellent idea of having an accessory attached to the door so that you could look like Santa! - WINNER

8T -  Achievement in adversity!  The angel flying from the door closer was great!


Year 9  - caused a lot of debate!

9B - apologies again for missing you and only seeing your door by squinting through the window!

9C - Very blue and shiny and snowflaky and sparkly - WINNER

9S - Your snowman was excellent – we loved his nose and the Seacole dangling from it – close SECOND

8/9Y - Brilliant Advent Calendar with the girls faces in the openings


10B - Angels made and drawn by the girls to look like themselves, and Ms Vicenze as an angel on top of the tree.  –WINNER

10C - I have never seen an Xmas tree dangling from a door like that before

10S - Loved your Xmas tree with the girls pictures on the advent baubles – SECOND


11A - the only Nativity scene had to be in the RE teacher’s room!  Beautifully drawn

11R - 3D shapes and lights and very enthusiastic – JOINT WINNER

10/11Z - the whole door was made to look like a house window – JOINT WINNER