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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Christmas Lunches 2012

This week, we have hosted Christmas Lunches for the students.

It is always an enjoyable event, where students are served their lunches by the staff. The Elves (Mrs Kink, Miss Sipson and Mrs Hargrave and a merry band of students) decorated the canteen for the festivities. Father Christmas always turns up with presents for a few lucky ticket holders and this year was no exception. Photos available shortly in: Parents; School Gallery; Christmas Lunches 2012.

Lucky recipients of santas gifts were: Jashmin; Jade; Nisma; Menaka; Carrie; Elise; Sinead; Adila; Mollie; Kala; Sidra; Laura; Lisa; Javairia; Jannah; Hamzat; Sania; Lily; Bethlehem; Esther; Rebecca; Shisam; Naqia; Lucie; Sheldon; and Urooj