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Subject Teachers

Please contact the relevant subject leader about more information for their curriculum.


Head of Maths

Mr T Farahmand 

Maths Teacher

Mr L Fyffe 

Maths Teacher

Mr A Molisso 

Maths Teacher Miss K Jones
Maths Teacher Ms R Kayani


Head of English

Mr J Marry 

English Teacher

Mr M Fazio

English Teacher

Ms M Connolly 

English Teacher

Ms M Maye 

English Teacher

Ms S Smith 

English Teacher

Ms H Maley 

English Teacher Ms J Hayton


Head of Science

Ms R Holt

Science Teacher 

Mr A Routledge 

Science Teacher Mr E Gould
Science Teacher & STEM Co-ordinator Ms S McNulty
Science Teacher Mr J Sanders
Science Teacher Mr G Aronis
Science Teacher Mr C Cooke
Science Teacher Ms J Bessiron
Science Teacher Ms T Kapentani


Head of Geography

Mr P Keating

Geography Teacher

Mr D Jones 


Head of History

Mr A Harrison

History/RE Teacher

Miss L Jordan 

History Teacher

Miss E Troy 


Head of MFL

Ms P Simonin

(from January)


Spanish Teacher

Mr P Beltran

Ms A Fazario

French Teacher

Ms E Bilgen
French Teacher Ms A Rosier


Head of PE

Ms F Conway 

PE/Dance Teacher

Ms C Small 

Teacher in Charge of Dance

Ms A Farouk

Business Studies/ IT

Head of Computing/IT

Mrs R Udainiya

Teacher of Computer Science Mr L Macdonald
Head of Business Studies Ms K Tiernan


Teacher in charge of Art

Ms K de-Witt

Art Teacher Miss S O'Neill

Food Technology

Food Technology Teacher

Miss Maynard McLeod


Teacher in Charge of Textiles

Mrs Sara Steven


Teacher in charge of Music

Mr D Jones 


Teacher in charge of Drama Miss Megan Connolly
Teacher of Drama Miss H Maley