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External Providers and Employers

73% of students rate their Deeper Applied Learning external provider experience as good or better

student survey, October 2019

We are lucky to work with some exceptional educational and employment institutes. These provide a wealth of experience and talent which enables our students to intertwine the knowledge and skills they have learnt in school and apply these in a range of environments.

Providers and Employers

Our students benefit widely from a wealth of top quality industry links, the companies below are some of our more prominent external providers, who support us in enriching our curriculum.


Adviza is a charity inspiring people to make better decisions that help them progress in learning and work. Their goal is to support young people and others, at important times in their lives where key decisions need to be made.   They aim to raise people's aspirations and motivate them to achieve their full potential. Adviza is the external service we use to provide independent careers advice for our students.  They run group workshops as students approach key decisions, and also offer 1 to 1 personal guidance sessions.

Enterprise Adviser

The Careers and Enterprise Company work with schools to improve their careers offering and they allocate schools an Enterprise Adviser to give a business viewpoint.  Our Enterprise Adviser has helped students with mock interviews and run workshops for us. We have a new Enterprise Adviser for 2023/24 and are hoping to develop the relationship further. 


KPMG have worked with the school for many years.  They are one of the leading accountancy firms providing business advice to many organisations. As well as running 'Work Ready' workshops, helping with careers activities and mock interviews, they also provide numeracy and finance workshops. For several years they have provided mentors for selected students to help them to prepare for the future. 

The Army

Every year, the army visit the school to run Elite Skills activities for the students to help them develop communication, team work, and problem solving. 

Thames Water

As well as providing STEM activities such as their Network Challenge and volunteers for activities such as mock interviews, Thames Water's mental health ambassadors are also working with our school to raise awareness of good mental health, looking after others and where to get support and help.


One of the leading providers of IT products and services, Ericsson have run STEM activities for our students.  

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory provide the school with very exciting STEM activities which are highly rated by our girls


A leading provider of IT, networking and cybersecurity solutions, CISCO offer insights into the world of work.

Didcot Railway Centre

Engineering activities are being offered by Didcot Railway Centre this year for the STEM days.

We also benefit from the support of many employers and organisations who visit on a more occasional basis, these include:

  • STEM net and STEM providers such as Tomorrow's Engineers
  • The Royal Air Force
  • Fujitsu
  • Verizon - Lawyers in School
  • Balfour Beatty - STEM activities
  • P&G - Volunteers who help with Robotics club