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"85% of students report that they are randomly selected to answer questions in class"

(Student survey October 2019)

We expect all pupils and their teachers to be aware of the progress they are making and to know what they need to do to reach their target grade. All students throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 complete 2 formal assessments during the academic year. Formal assessments are cumulative and assess pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills from the start of the course and up to the time they sit their formal assessment. For example, a formal assessment in English for a Yr 8 pupil will assess their knowledge and understanding of the course from the start of year 7.  

Following the completion of a formal assessment, pupils receive a BOOST lesson. During which they receive a CHECK sheet, which they complete with the support of their teacher.  

All students will be given targets based on their KS2 attainment. Pupils will be expected to be on at least green throughout their school career. Every time a student is formally assessed, they will be asked to indicate this on their flightpath. 

The example below is for a student who has an average KS2 scaled score of between 103 and 104, when she leaves in Year 11, she should leave with a grade 6.