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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

About Us

Principal’s welcome…

May I take this opportunity to welcome you to our school, our aim is a very clear one which is to provide the best life-chances possible for every student .  To that end, we challenge our students to the very edge of their academic capabilities whilst providing wrap-around support towards those goals.  I believe in the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, in order to improve.  Consequently, our vision is under pinned by the value placed on LEARNING.

Leadership at all levels

Excellence in teaching

Aspirational parents, staff and students

Respect for the beliefs and rights of others

Non-negotiable behaviour for learning

Independent learning

New technologies

Going the extra mile for yourself and others

With respect to our work on a day-to-day basis, we focus on a streamlined three-strand approach called Teach-Learn-Check (TLC).  Quality of teaching; a clear set of classroom standards and understanding from both staff and students as to what is needed in order to improve, is central to our daily work. We work hard to develop in our students a mind-set that they are coming to a place of work where they are expected and supported, to give their very best.

Beyond the classroom and equally important is the development of those personal skills and qualities to supplement academic achievement. We strive to develop in our students the importance of aspiration, independence and collaboration with and on behalf of others.  The RGS student pledge, year-group related charity work and exposure to careers experiences are some of the strategies that we use to bring our values to life. 

Finally, one of our greatest strengths, is the multi-cultured society that permeates the school community.  We welcome students from a vast range of ethnical backgrounds where many different languages are spoken.  That in itself provides an amazing opportunity for everyone to learn about the world, understanding different beliefs and values - essentially, working together.    

Our door is always open and if you would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be very proud to show you around our wonderful school.

Jon Gargan  BA QTS, MSC, NPQH