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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Science Museum visit Reading Girls' School

This week, we had a visit from Tracy and Assiya from the Science Museum in London.

We were delighted to welcome back the Science Museum team (Assiya and Tracy) who delighted and thrilled year 7 and 8 pupils with their demonstration. Demonstrations by the team were greeted by ‘oohs-and-ahhs’.

In the section on States of Matter, a poor jelly baby was subjected to physical and chemical action, you might never eat another jelly baby if you heard the scream that it emitted during the demonstration!

Have you ever wondered why baby Billy’s nappy doesn’t seem to leak? One of our keen year 8 pupils was prepared to put herself forward as a guinea pig to show one of the uses of chemicals called polymers. This special polymer in nappies called a hydrogel can absorb up to 500x their own weight! They can do this without leaking – ask our brave year 8 pupil who managed to return to her seat with a dry head!

There is no need to worry about the torrential rain and lightning storms that are on their way because Year 7s and 8s are suitably trained to give advice on what position to take if caught in a lightning storm. Pupils were taught how to stay safe by removing jewellery, seeking low ground in open areas with no shelter and how to squat on the balls of their feet with their ears covered.

Before lunch, an animated Assiya regaled us with a most graphic description of the journey of food  in the digestive system from start to finish. The final session involved severe damage being caused to Barbie and to finish the show Mr Nichols helped with a very dangerous experiment involving a Tessla coil!

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