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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Y7 trip to Chawton House

A number of Y7 students recently visited Chawton House, formerly home to Jane Austen.

On Monday 9th of July 7E went to Jane Austen’s museum in Chawton.  It was a long journey but, eventually we got there. One of the fascinating things we did at the museum was watching a short clip of Jane Austen’s life.  It was really interesting and gave us better insight on the writer and how she incorporated her daily life to write her books. Akeela 

Inside Jane Austen's house there was an old fashioned piano from her time. It was very different compared to the normal ones we see today. The noise it made was very high pitched, soft and quiet and no matter how much you tried to make it play louder it would still play soft notes. When you pressed on the keys it would feel like you weren't even pressing them! The actual piano was a lot smaller than the ones today. It was tiny compared to the huge grand pianos you see nowadays. Also it was really hard to squeeze all your fingers onto the piano so that you could play as the keys were quite small and there was no room for your fingers to rest. However it was really interesting to see how different the piano is and it's amazing to see what pianos used to look like in the 19 century. Yashica

At about 12pm we all had our lunch on the grass in the garden. It was wet but warm and Mrs Norris took a picture of us all on the benches. After that we all went to different parts of the house. My friend and I went back inside the house and looked around and took pictures. Some people went to make some lavender bags or use the quill pens in the kitchen because they didn’t get to last time. Some of us went into the shop and brought different things like pens, note pads, post cards and book marks. After everyone came back to the benches we lined up and went off to our next part of our amazing tour of where Jane Austen once lived. Emma

When we went to Chawton, our final part of the visit was seeing Jane Austen's brother's mansion. I liked the long drive that we walked up. The mansion was huge, there were wooden designs on the walls that made the mansion look more old fashioned. We also went to the library and saw books from 200 years ago. i loved the dance because it was fun and I wore a man’s coat. There was a part of the dance where you have to link arms with your partner and walk down an aisle. When it came for me and my partner to dance, she forgot and I had to walk by myself; it was embarrassing but really funny. This was an amazing trip and inspired me in a new direction! Atiya