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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School


Y11 raised funds for their leavers assembly and prom by staging a Yuk Tucker Trial. Mrs Lavender (Deputy Head) and Mr Nichols (History Teacher) were invited to lunch, with the promise of an "out of this world" menu!


Mrs Lavender and Mr Nicholls tacked such treats as: Chocolate Covered Ants; Raw Egg; Locusts; Tripe; Meal Worms; Chicken Feet; Eyeballs; Testicles; Pig Snout and Brains!


It was standing room only on Friday 18 May when Year 11 students at Reading Girls’ School hosted their very own “Yuk Tucker Trial” to raise money for their School Prom and Leavers Assembly. Ant and Dec were unable to make it so we had substitute presenters “Pants and Vest” (Miss Emily Barnett and Mrs Carol Ann Eddy) our brave volunteers (Mrs Mhairi Lavender-Deputy Headteacher and Mr Andi Nichols-History Teacher) were invited to sample an outrageous menu. The girls served up 10 courses; Chocolate covered ants; raw egg; meal worms; locusts; tripe; chicken feet; eyeballs; testicles; pig snout and brains! Each helping was welcomed by a “countdown to consumption” led by Pants and Vest, over 400 girls and staff bought tickets to the spectacular, and over £600 was raised. It was an amazing performance, and our brave participants were jointly crowned as King and Queen of the blackboard jungle! As a finale, Mrs Debbie Hargrave (the Pastoral Leader for year 11) was the lucky recipient of a signed photo of Ant and Dec from the year 11 girls as a thank you for her help and support in organising the event.

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