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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Building Bridges-Science Museum visits RGS

As part of the Building Bridges Project, The Science Museum visited Reading Girls' School in January

"On 27 January, people from the Science Museum came to our school to teach us about electricity, circuits and currents. In the morning, we had a lesson with other classes. I learnt that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity and the connection between lightning and electricity.
Then, in the afternoon, we had a practical lesson which involved getting into groups and creating a presentation. In the end of each presentation, we said what was good and bad about their work. It was very fun to learn more things taught by our classmates.

During the presentation, we focussed on teamwork and interaction with the audience. We had to be loud on stage (not shouting) so everybody could hear us. In our group, we had some people presenting the experiment and some people explaining how it was related. Everyone needed to speak at least once and have something to do so they are not just standing, doing nothing.
The fun thing about the workshop was that we got to do things with our presentation and not just sit and do nothing. Another thing that was fun was that we got to work together and learn new things that we didn't know before. We also got to go up on stage to present what we learnt - like being a teacher! The best part about this workshop was that we spent a lot of time learning new topics and seeing how science is related to our everyday life. It was exciting when we learnt about lightning and how we could avoid being electrocuted, since it was helpful. Overall I would like to do this again because it was a fun workshop to do since we were focusing on teamwork and getting involved." - Sofia  7C

There are more photo's from the presentation here