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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Women in Engineering Day

Another exciting careers event at Reading Girls' School

A group of young engineers from AMEC Foster Wheeler visited the school on Tuesday, 23 June, which is National Women in Engineering Day. They worked with some Year 9 students to promote engineering as a career and encourage girls with their Maths and Science subjects. 

The students were given two challenges to do. Firstly, the groups had half an hour to design and build something to protect an egg when it was dropped from the stage. Masses of paper and sellotape were used before their designs were tested and most were successful. Of the six groups, one egg was slightly cracked and another was a little broken. All the other eggs were unharmed.
In the second challenge, the groups had half an hour to design and build a bridge to link two chairs so that a toy car could drive across. There were some excellent designs and only one failed the test drive. 

The girls enjoyed a stimulating and fun day and enjoyed talking with the engineers about their careers.