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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Y7 Enterprise Day - Build your own Castle

Y7 had a very exciting History/ Enterprise Event


Recently, set I, D and E in year 7 had a business and enterprise day in History. The purpose of the day was to get them to create their own castle, which links into the medieval curriculum they are studying at the moment, and to help improve their enterprise skills such as teamwork and creativity. The groups started off making decisions about their castle. What would they build it out of? Where would they locate it? What would they do with the rebels from the nearby town? Most ended up hanging from trees. The groups were then given their materials, bricks and cement, and then planned the design for their castle. Features such as round towers and concentric walls were included as well as a few draw-bridges (and some slightly unhistorical sharks in the moat). Groups then presented their castles to the class, explaining their decisions and features and any aspects they would change. The girls worked really well together and many of the designs looked fit for a queen. Maybe they will still be standing in a thousand years time...

Here are some pictures of their creations! Individual pictures are in the Parents area in the "School Gallery" section



BYO castle 2