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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Y8 Trip to the Natural History Museum

Read the report on the trip from Victoria who is a year 8 student

Year 8 Trip

On Wednesday 30th April, the Year 8 students of Reading Girls’ School visited the Natural History Museum, in London. The focus of the trip was to view the exhibits in the Red Zone area. The girls had previously been studying the Restless Earth- a topic which included volcanoes, earthquakes, and the causes and effects of these natural hazards.

The general mood of the girls as they arrived was excited and restless in anticipation. As they entered the museum, they saw a giant escalator, with the top styled as the Earth. The number of girls filled the entire escalator. Next, 8R, along with 8C, went through the section, entitled “From the Beginning”. This consisted of a timeline, showing the different fossils and the formation of the earth. There were many fossils, such as the antlers of the reindeer.

Next, the classes went through the section which consisted of different collections of minerals, as well as some artefacts. One display showed the how people “panned” for gold. There were many crystals, like diamonds, etch. “There was also a lot of information about the collectors of the crystals, which was very interesting to read about,” says a student.

The students then had lunch in the dining area, where they also had the chance of using the facilities available. After lunch, the girls visited the main gift shop, where they saw toys, small rocks and many other items available to buy. Then, 8R and 8C visited the section called Volcanoes and Earthquakes, where they read about how volcanoes are formed and also how earthquakes occur. They also had the chance of experiencing an earthquake, in a room that swayed side to side. Afterwards, they learnt that the effects after the earthquake are worse than the actual earthquake, such as fires starting and giant landslides. The girls then read about energy, in the “Tomorrow” section.

Towards the end of the day, 8R and 8C had the chance of having twenty minutes of free time, when they could go anywhere in the Red Zone. There was a gift shop in the area, which turned out to be very popular because it sold sweets.

Finally, all the girls met up near the escalator, got on the four coaches and travelled back to Reading, where they arrived at 16:05. “The day was a fantastic success and everyone enjoyed themselves!” says a Year 8 pupil. 

Written by Victoria, 8R