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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Speed Careers Networking Event with BITC

Reading Girls' were joined by students from Denefield School for this event

After the welcome by Kate Thompson, Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator at Reading Girls’ School, the first exercise, “what’s my line?” was Introduced by Sally Andreou, BITC Education Manager.

The panellists were: Simon Moffat – (Prudential) James Arnold – (Shoosmiths) and Cindy Cummings – (SSE) they had 2 minutes to introduce themselves and give some general clues to their job. It was then over to the students to ask questions to narrow down the options and make a guess at the panellists job.

Students were then split into groups of two/three, sitting in front of small  tables around the sides of the school hall, and a careers carousel ensued, where each volunteer spent three minutes answering questions about their job. Prompts for questions were available to students who couldn’t think of anything to ask. The point of the exercise was to broaden the students knowledge of local employment possibilities.