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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Black History Event

Our Y11 girls, led by Nieema Hassan and Mwango Hwalima ran this brilliant event on the final day of term 1

The girls approached Mrs Angus back in the Summer Term, they were keen to organise a fundraising event, and wanted to make sure it was well organised. A date was selected and it was agreed that they could have a non-uniform day, and sales of food, the main event to be a concert after school, with music; dancing; speeches; and more food sales.

This is what the girls had to say for themselves leading up to the event:

Basically since it's our last year we wanted to do something big for black history month (coming from an african background). So we decided to do a concert to celebrate our history and to showcase the talents of young people that we know. Our aim of the night is to entertain and educate, as we will be having many performers but also a spoken word piece, a poem recital and a presentation.

 When we started organising for this concert it was to raise money for our prom and the school but it has become a lot bigger than just raising money. We have done a lot of research on black history throughout the weeks and it has been an enlightening experience for us to learn new information. We would just like people to celebrate black history month with us but to also learn new things from the night. It's been fun and stressful to organise this.

There are going to be performers not only from our school but also from outside of school that are helping to celebrate with us. There will be singers, dancers, rappers, a band, a fashion show and spoken word. Mwango and I got together a group of students that are happy to help in terms with the organisation of this event and have been a massive support throughout this time. The students range from year 7's-11's. We will set up several tables on the night for us to sell things, ranging from food, to art and having your henna done, to a few young entrepreneurs who are selling their own accessoires and tops in the evening. Not only are we having a concert that is open to the community but we also having our own internal celebration in the school with an international themed non-uniform day and food sales during break time and lunch.

This is not the first concert that Mwango and I have organised, we did an event similar to this 2 years ago to raise money for a charity called Lifeblood. From this we learned valuable lessons that helped the construction of this black history concert and we hope that the hard work we have put into this pays off.

Nieema Hassan, Mwango Hwalima

The event raised just over £1000 in total, which is the best fundraising effort anyone can re-call. The main speaker at the evening event, Shirley Anstis,  of Envision Counselling (twitter: @shirleyanstis blog and Facebook page in the name of LivingBeingDoing) has kindly agreed to be the guest speaker at Senior Prizegiving in December.

There are extra photos in: Parents; School Gallery: Black History Celebration 2013