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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

SATRO Siemens-The Next Big Thing-Reading Girls' triumphant!

Reading Girls' beat off the competition at this prestigeous event. Photos are in: Parents; School Gallery; SATRO 2013. Clcik here to listen to them being interviewed:

Weeks of hard work paid off when a team of Year 10 students from Reading Girls’ School won SATRO Siemens: The Next Big Thing Challenge! 

The original launch for this competition had to be postponed in January due to snow, but once the team were primed they were full of ideas for the ‘Next Big Thing’ for Siemens’ portfolio.  They eventually settled on an idea called ‘Diagnostick’.  Moving out of their comfort zone, this idea was aimed at men’s health - an over-the-counter urine test stick to detect signs of prostate cancer, heart disease, liver disease or kidney disease.  As many men feel uncomfortable seeing their doctor, the instructions would be simply and clearly written, and would avoid colour as many men are colour-blind.

Working with mentors from Siemens, they researched their idea, ran scientific tests and carried out market research.  They also designed a logo, prototype and posters.  Each team member had a job role and responsibility for various tasks.

At the final held at the Siemens UK Headquarters in Frimley, students displayed their ideas and gave a presentation.  They also answered questions from the judges. Other entries included a pelvic mould to assist with radiotherapy treatment, a water filter which enhanced water with vitamins and a water curtain to prevent houses from external fires.

The day wasn’t all work - students also had the chance to explore the City of the Future display and try their skill at a simulation of running a modern city, including planning energy and transport and raising taxes.

The girls were stunned and delighted when they were announced as the winners. They were presented with a watch each and a trophy, which will be displayed in the school foyer.