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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Science Ambassadors trip to London

Dr Ibrahim and Ms Dell took the science ambassadors on a trip to London.

Reading Girls at the Museum ....... well not quite 'Night at the Museum' but close enough!

Last week a group of very talented and intelligent Years 7-10 girls made a rather eventful and somewhat adventurous trip to the Natural History Museum in London. Our journey started by taking the train to London Paddington and then travelling via London Underground tube to south Kensington.

We first arrived at the Science Museum and set off to explore the wonders before us. We saw many planes, cars satellites, clocks, jacquards looms , old operation equipment. All of us were fascinated by the models of DNA structure. There were many activities and games we could play and funnily enough none of us felt bored, not even for a minute!

We then walked to the natural history museum where we explored the dinosaur bones and skeletons. It was almost like being in a snapshot of Jurassic Park, but without the screams and the roars of course. You could sense the presence of what was left of these huge magnificent creatures. Something I will most certainly never forget.

After getting back to reality we also explored the biology area and played many games and activities (releasing our inner teenage selves once again.) we saw various exhibitions in both museums and ended the trip with a treat to an Italian ice cream parlour. Actually the credit goes to me as I used a rather un prehistoric method of locating the parlour. Thanks to Steve Jobs amazing iPhone and Google maps of course!

By Neyma 9U