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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Y10 House Maths Challenge

Y10 have been competing in maths challenges in tutor time culminating in the final event, organised by the maths ambassadors.

House Competition

Monday 28 January saw Year 10 tutor groups cheering each other on at the Maths House Competition 2013, organised by the school’s team of Maths Ambassadors.

During the term running up to Christmas, all Year 10 students took part in a weekly mental maths quiz during tutor time to win points for their house.  Following this, four students from each tutor group were selected to take part in the competition in January. The competition consisted of four themed rounds with a house being knocked out at the end of each round. 

Round 1 was general knowledge number round—Seacole were eliminated first with 100 points.

Round 2 was based on a wheel of fortune—Austen left with 200 points.

Round 3 ‘What am I?’ required each team to guess as many maths terms described by one of their team members as they could in 1.5 minutes—Bronte left with 300 points.

The final round between Roddick and Curie was themed on Blockbuster.  Each team had to make a path of hexagonal spaces in their teams colour from one side of a grid to the next without being blocked by the opposition.  It was a close game but Curie were victorious, winning the house competition and being awarded 500 points and Roddick took with them 400 points.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric with all students supporting their houses and cheering them on and even having a go at the questions themselves.