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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Senior Prizegiving

Senior Prizegiving is held each December to celebrate the achievements of students who completed their courses in the previous Summer.

The evening commenced with a welcome from Mrs Lavender, Deputy Headteacher. Mrs Lavender expressed the regret of Mrs Angus that she could not be present at this always enjoyable event. A report about 2011/12 followed.


Mrs Hargrave then announced the names of those receiving certificates, which they collected from our special guest Linda McCormack.


Kirsty Beckett, one of the joint head girls read a report on School Activities, this was followed by the presentation of the Year 11 Subject prizes, which were again presented by our guest, the names were announced by Mrs Nash, Assistant Headteacher.      


Next Mrs Lavender announced certificate and subject prizewinners for Post 16, Followed by Mrs Wells, Assistant Headteacher who announced the names of those receiving awards for Effort, Achievement, or Attendance.   


The Special Awards are always the highlight of the evening; each winner was invited on to the stage after a short speech from Mrs Lavender. Once the prizes had all been awarded, Linda McCormack delivered an inspirational speech about women in business, something she knows a great deal about being a manager in Professional Services at Verizon.  She is an active member of a group called Women at Verizon encouraging the development of professional women in that organisation.  Verizon have welcomed Reading Girls’ School on several occasions, and Linda has been a speaker at a session some of our students attended.     


The evening was closed with a vote of thanks from Kirsty Beckett (Joint head girl) everyone was then invited to retire to the foyer for mince pies and coffee. Special thanks to the students who provided the musical interludes; Millie Allwood-Rose and Laura Mpianing.