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Reading Girls' School

Reading Girls' School

Global Entrepreneurship Week

As part of Global Entrepreneurship week, each tutor group was invited to arrange a fundraising event to benefit Children in need.

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, each tutor group has been raising money for Children in Need. On Thursday, Year 11's took their turn and raised £25 by running a variety of stalls and events. They asked us to guess the weight of the Pudsey cake, kindly donated by Deputy headteacher Mrs Lavender, it weighed in at 3lb 1oz, a weight which was correctly guessed by the headteachers PA, Mrs Clacey, the admin team all enjoyed a slice! They had baby photos of some staff members and participants had to guess who they were, even with clues it was pretty difficult! There was an old fashioned sweetie shop, and a chance to paint for Pudsey. Other events have included film shows, sponsored "Gangnam Style" and cake sales, and we hope to be able to send a substantial donation to Children in Need in the next few days, as well as awarding points for the house competition. 

As Reading Girls' School are a business and enterprise specialist school, we believe it is important for the students to be allowed to organise their own events, with support and guidance from staff. The girls are always extremely supportive of their peers fundraising efforts, and look forward to them. There is always a lovely atmosphere when an event is in progress. Many events are held every year benefitting a large range of charities.